Import of goods to Russia "turnkey" from China, Europe, the USA and the UAE!

We will purchase goods for you in China, Europe, the USA, the UAE and arrange their delivery to Russia for rubles with a commission of 350 euros, including customs clearance. Entrust your import to us!

We work with a minimum batch of 10,000 dollars in equivalent. We will deliver to the door of your office in any region of Russia
We conclude an agreement with legal entities (LLC, sole proprietor). All settlements with you are made only in rubles
Customs clearance is at our expense. We issue a full set of documents: a bill of lading, an invoice, a copy of the DT
200+ partners around the world allow us to provide a low price for import services from all over the world


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Scheme of work

Calculate the cost of the product in the desired country and send a request Calculate the cost of the product in the desired country and send a request
Tell us the coordinates of the manufacturer or online store Tell us the coordinates of the manufacturer or online store
We will purchase the goods and import them to Russia We will purchase the goods and import them to Russia
We will perform customs clearance of the cargo We will perform customs clearance of the cargo
Meet the order at the door of your office Meet the order at the door of your office
Sign the bill of lading Sign the bill of lading


We are pleased to offer you a single tariff for small batches of goods weighing up to 20kg! Use the calculator to calculate the cost of foreign goods in Russia!

Yes, for the convenience of working with suppliers and optimizing the cost of delivery, we use transit warehouses in: - Europe - North America - Southeast Asia To calculate the final cost, the invoice cost must be indicated to the nearest transit warehouse.

This is the cost of a batch of goods delivered to your address in Moscow, including 20% VAT. This cost will be reflected in the accompanying documents (bill of lading and invoice)

The cost calculated by the calculator already contains the amount of customs payments for goods with an import duty of 0%. If you do not know the amount of customs duty, or you know that it is not equal to 0, fill out the order form and our specialists will specify the amount of duty.

A single tariff for cargo up to 20 kg is achieved due to our guaranteed volume of transportation in airlines. You do not pay additional storage bills: preliminary work with the nomenclature allows you to perform customs clearance day-to-day and avoid additional storage costs. You save on conducting foreign economic activity and currency control: we carry out a turnkey purchase and transfer the goods to you according to the consignment note and invoice.

We organize the shipment of all goods received from manufacturers to transit warehouses every weekend. Every Tuesday-Wednesday they are already issued for delivery to the final address in Moscow. Accordingly, 4-10 calendar days from the date of receipt of the goods from the manufacturer to our transit warehouse!

Before invoicing, we necessarily work out commodity items for the need to provide permits to customs, such as declarations of conformity, certificates of conformity, notifications, etc. Our staff of specialists has in-depth knowledge of the entire product range and invoicing will take no more than 3 hours from the moment of receiving all information about the product!

The delivery of the goods is accompanied by a set of documents: bill of lading, bill of lading and invoice. Upon request, we can send you copies of these documents before delivery, immediately after the customs clearance of the goods.

The ordered goods must not be dangerous goods prohibited for import into the territory of the Russian Federation and are not included in the customs register of intellectual property objects.

The final cost indicated in the payment invoice is final. An exception may be the properties of the goods that are not declared by the manufacturer in the characteristics of the goods, but affect customs clearance.

We bear all risks for the goods during their movement and customs clearance. All cargo and goods are insured without fail.

The transfer of ownership of the goods takes place at the time you sign the accompanying documents.

The delivered goods pass the customs procedure of release for domestic consumption. You have the right to dispose of the goods at your discretion without restrictions.

The invoice for the delivered goods must contain the number of the goods declaration and the number of your goods in this declaration. Also, upon request, you can get a copy of the customs declaration.


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